The Whack-A-Chicken Arcade Game IS HERE!

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August 23, 2022
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We have been asked many questions about Captain ToonHead: How does Elliott Salazar eat? What’s behind the door at the end of the hall? Why did the Cyber-C.H.I.C.K.E.N cross the road?

Well, today we will be answering the second question.

Arcade Room

Behind the hall door you will find the brand new Arcade Room. Originally the Spaceship’s gym until Elliott decided he needed something a little more challenging (Or an easy excuse for not getting ripped). In this new Arcade Room you will find empty pizza boxes, lava lamps on the ceiling – of course- and a reinvention of a classic arcade game with a twist…


The Whack-A-Chicken arcade game consists of different Cyber-C.H.I.C.K.E.N.s you’ll need to hit in order to earn more points and time. If you happen to run out of time or you hit 3 or more EnerCubes (We hope by accident) you will lose the game.


Depending on their color, each Chicken will give you different bonuses:

Blue Chicken: Gives you +100 points and +0.3 seconds

Green Chicken: Faster than the others. It will give you +300 points and +0.4 seconds 

Pink Chicken: Requires 2 Hits and it gives you +500 points and +0.7 seconds 

Orange Chicken: Requires 4 Hits and it gives you +800 points and +1.0 second 

Bomb Chicken: It will blast their immediate surroundings. It causes a chain reaction with other bombs. It gives you +800 points 

Yellow EnerCubes: They subtract 3 seconds of the timer. If you hit or explode 3 or more of them you will lose. 

Blue EnerCubes: They subtract 3 seconds of the timer. These are faster than Yellow EnerCubes, and a little bit sadder. If you hit or explode 3 or more of them you will lose. 

Online Leaderboard

And since I know some of you don’t only play for fun but also play to WIN and BE THE BEST, we implemented a global leaderboard so you can compete for the highest score against your friends or simply EVERYONE IN THE WORLD playing the Whack-A-Chicken. Or you can just compete against yourself and try and be your better version with the best score.

Enter the brand new Arcade Room and become the Whack-A-Chicken Master. You will first have to unlock it but to do so you’ll just have to… Well go to the Arcade Room and find out. You’ll know what to do.

We will be seeing you soon with another huge update.

You know what we are talking about…

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