Teravision Games Pivots Into New Venture: Teravision Chanclas

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Game Developer Teravision to become a flip-flop company

We sat down with Enrique Fuentes, CEO at Teravision Games, and Luis Daniel Zambrano, CCO to get a closer look at this radical (that’s one word for it) move. Here’s our exchange with them:

Did you guys really use Comic Sans for that announcement image?

EF: “Absolutely, a fine typeface choice indeed, why, why do you ask?”

No reason, let’s move on.

Is Teravision seriously considering moving into the Chanclas business? What would you say to people that would criticize it as a flip-flopping move? Pun intended! *laughs* 

EF: “What pun?, I don’t get it”.

Oh boy… Do you guys think you know enough about the business of chanclas manufacturing?

LD: “If you think about it, designing chanclas is a lot like designing video games, It was a slow realization as we were prototyping the chancla for our game Captain ToonHead, but it all boils down to the experience”

“If you think about it, designing chanclas is a lot like designing video games”
– LD Zambrano

“Chancla wearing mostly happens in the mind of the wearer, we had initially thought that chanclas could be used as weapons, but truly they are so much more than that. They are a means of in-house transportation”.

EF: “We also feel it’s the perfect time to pivot during the ‘new normal’, or how I call it ‘the new informal’ because no one is wearing shoes at home! am I right? We believe the Chancla industry is about to explode and we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of it, given all our flip-flop experience design and implementing La Chancla in Captain ToonHead.

Oooh! “Flip-Flopping! I get it! Haha that’s clever”.

Er… thanks, guys.

Teravision Chanclas declines to comment on the future of their gaming projects, now that their feet are set on the chancla business. 

But, when asked for more information, Teravision Chanclas staff wished us all a…

Happy April fools’ day.

Wanna see the chancla in action?

Wishlist Captain ToonHead on Steam now!

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