Do You Take Hot Sauce In Your Coffee?

La Chancla
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February 19, 2021
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March 11, 2021
Queen Dio

In Captain Toonhead, Queen Dio is the last and more powerful tower (toonret) that we have designed for the game. So far.

Milk, sure. Sugar, why not? Cinnamon, if you’re into that…

But, do you take hot sauce in your coffee?

Game developer Teravision Games opens up about developing Queen Dio, our hot sauce shooter!

Or, perhaps more accurately, do you dare?

Imagine a tower that knocks down enemies with hot sauce. Not a laser beam, no, not bullets, no…

Hot Sauce, well, that would be the Queen of all Towers, wouldn’t it?

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Naming this tower was no easy feat. We wanted everything we liked to make the cut.

In Captain ToonHead, this tower wasn’t defined by Elliot (the hero we got stuck with). The Hot Sauce shooter tower was defined by none other than a super-advanced A.I.: Janine-5.

Janine-5 helped us mix our love for heavy metal and hot sauce to make this deathly tower, but, of course, we needed to add a dash of coffee to it.

You probably know this, but in Colombia, we make good coffee. We just love coffee. And there’s a department that’s famous for the good quality of its coffee: El Quindío (pronounced Queen-Deeh-O).

So, that’s what did it: You mix some coffee, sprinkle some heavy metal references (can you spot them?), and make our tower shoot Hot Sauce.

Introducing Queen Dio!!

The name, apart from being an intentionally androgynous and obvious musical mix, is phonetically pronounced in English almost identically to Quíndio (in Spanish)!

Last but not least, we thought that instead of the classic laser beam, we would go for what we painfully learned to be the most damaging substance that we know as a group, from our auto-imposed challenges whenever we order empanadas in the office: a soul-crushing quantity of tear-inducing hot sauce. THAT would definitely take a dinosaur down!


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