It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: Take This Chancla!

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La Chancla

As we all sat down in one of our planning meetings, we asked the questions all game developers ask at some point during this process:

What’s the most powerful and accurate weapon known to humankind? one the could be effective against a giant T-R.A.D. and a deadly Cyber-C.H.I.C.K.E.N.?

Well, a Chancla, of course!

So just picture this: Captain ToonHead facing enemies with dual-wielding flip-flops.

It sends shivers down our spine!

And let me tell you, that T-R.A.D. would run away in tears! And good old Cyber-C.H.I.C.K.E.N.s won’t know what hit them.

(We will, though ;))

For those who escaped the terrors of La Chancla in their childhood, let’s cover some basics:

La Chancla, pronounced chahng-klah, is a staple in Latino culture. Urban Dictionary puts it best:

A Spanish word meaning the flipflop used by latin moms to beat their chil’s ass.

Urban Dictionary

Ah! So poetic!

Do you have what it takes to become a Chacla Master

So… when we talk about La Chancla, let us consider that they are not just flip-flops…

They are weapons. Deadly, effective, and even more important ACCURATE, weapons.

Or as Granny Salazar would say: “La Chancla never misses mijo!”

Of course, flying sandals are not exclusive to our Latino culture as a behavioral correction tool.

And believe me, we don’t recommend their use at home! But most of us in the studio cherish in fear the surprising rubbery slap that molded the functional and well-behaved adults we are today. Hi mom!

Eager to master La Chancla? Wishlist so that you don’t miss a thing!


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