Captain ToonHead’s Shocking ElectroSlice: Putting Pineapple on Pizza… or Not!

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In our upcoming VR game, Captain ToonHead, we aimed for a cheesy weapon that sparked an internal debate as old as… pizza!?

Captain ToonHead’s Game Development Pizza Process

Have you ever found an electrified pizza wandering around?

If you’re one of the rare people who haven’t, we are about to shock you!

We created a brand new electroSlice, and its electrifying capabilities weren’t our biggest issue, but we’ll get to that.

First, for our most curious gamers, here’s an overview of the art process to create this deadlicious asset.

VR game development of Captain Toonhead, creation of the electroslice asset
Step 1: Blocking

For step 1 we had to imagine a pizza slice, preferably with lots of cheese dripping from it.

Naturally, we then needed to add the power cables of car batteries to electrify it.

We blocked it out nice and simple.

VR game development of Captain Toonhead, creation of the electroslice asset in high-poly

Step 2: High poly rendering

After the basic blocking, the high poly rendering came along, and people began to wonder whether or not that pepperoni was lonely enough to need a bit of pineapple to it.

VR game development of Captain Toonhead, creation of the electroslice asset, this is the not-pineapple version.
Step 3: The non-pineapple version

Easy cheesy, right?

Not so much… Step 4 is a hidden challenge we all face at one point or another.

Should we or shouldn’t we add pineapple to it?

I mean, everyone knows that Hawaiian pizza has more electricity, but the amazing conductive properties of mushroom pizza would mean a minimum amount of voltage for a similar result.

Basic science.

Well, everything is fair in game development. And there isn’t a right answer.

(I’m just kidding, of course there is a right answer, and we all know what it is).

You wouldn’t believe all the work that goes into perfecting each detail when developing a video game (wanna know more? find out everything we learned about toilets!)

Will Team Pineapple Win?

In Colombia, Hawaiian pizza is very common. That and the mushroom and chicken pizza are our top choices.

That’s the fuel for VR Game Development.

So it had to be one of those, we can’t have pizza slices shooting electricity if they don’t look delicious, where’s the fun in that?

And this is where the whole pizza debate started!

Our team is divided between the “authentic” taste of traditional pizza and the “creative” pineapple pizza slices.

Now to the matter at hand: Will team pineapple pizza win? Will team mushroom win?

Legend says that to this day we are still adding and removing that pineapples in our slices.

So I guess you need to wait to play and find out! (Wishlist on Steam so you don’t miss it!)

Although, when you get to play Captain ToonHead, you may be too distracted by our T.R.A.D.s to notice if there’s pineapple on pizza…

Or, will you?

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