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November 11, 2020
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February 11, 2021
Sir Frost-eee
Sir Frost-eee

Following the tower structure and the learnings from the Lady Jubilee design, we then tackled our classic Slo-Mo tower. 

We went with the icy theme for our next tower in Captain Toonhead because we felt that it would make it super intuitive for the players to understand the tower (toonret) purpose by just looking at it since cold is widely associated with slowing down. 

That said, we still wanted it to be fun and based on references that Elliott would pick up from the TV; so we found our inspiration in mixing a couple of freezing references that we like.

Namely…a Christmas horror B-movie (Jack Frost):

And an iconic comic villain from Batman (Mr. Freeze):

That translated in a tower that’s a bit more serious and menacing than Lady Jubilee, while still being absurd by showcasing a snowman at his top.

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