Teravision Games Sponsors 2020 Women Game Jam

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September 23, 2020
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Teravision Games was a proud sponsor this year of the 2020 Women Game Jam held in Colombia. The Women Game Jam (WGJ) is a meeting that encourages women to participate in the video game industry and even though this year’s jam was all digital, the event was sponsored by groups in Argentia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The Women Game Jam allows participants to meet in a limited time to develop ideas, form teams, create innovative and creative games around the same theme and present them to the other participants already in the global community.

Usually the event lasts only 48 hours but in the interest of fostering initiative and the work of women’s groups, this 2020 digital edition was basically a week-long game development festival. Participants learned the theme, “Together even apart,” on August 21st and had until August 30th to submit their game.

There were over 100 participants in Colombia and roughly 800 all together across all participant countries.

At Teravision Games, we feel it’s important to support efforts like the Women Game Jam because there is an ongoing diversity issue within the games industry. We don’t want to just stand by and observe – we want to take decisive action to be a part of the solution in bringing in women to this industry. 

By sponsoring the event, Teravision Games gave a scholarship to one fantastic dev-in-training to participate. Our recipient was Michelle Bohórquez – below is a video of what she submitted: 

To learn more about the Women Game Jam, check out their site!

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