Neon Fury goes to VR Connects London

La Furia del Neon!!
January 30, 2017
VR Connects is an event that takes place in London, in which developers showcase their games to hundreds of assistants eager to try the latest exciting VR experiences created by studios from all over the world. This was to the first time we put Neon Fury's demo, which we had been working for 3 months at that point, in the hands (and heads) of players outside the studio.

This was an early version of the game, so idea was to validate the core experience and identify main areas of improvement. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and players where really motivated too to suggest ideas and things they would like to see in the game.

After the event we went back to studio and digested all the ideas and comments and used that input to play our next development sprint, so stay tuned as now cool stuff is coming!